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Nov 8, 2016

We have some amazing news, two bits of news actually. For all you wedding folks, this might be the most important podcast you hear (in the next hour). We have the YouTube guru Matt Johnson  aka WhoisMatt on the show. He talks about all things weddings, from current techniques to the future of wedding videography and technological advances in this industry. We also reveal our big bit of news, Rich and I have decided to create a course. Partnering with Shadows and Light, we have created ‘Wedding Cinematics’, a two day course with esteemed wedding videography professionals. Hear from me and Rich, Ben Walton, Ray McShane and Jeff Wood at an independent cinema in Oxford in the UK. Lots of socialising and interaction is the key to this course, learn from other and people who Rich and I think are the best (ourselves excluded of course). The second day, we have four seminars which focus on editing, cinematic movement, audio and kit. It will be a fantastic event and we will love to welcome you to the event. Link is in the description and so too is the coupon code.  


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