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Aug 30, 2016

This episode Rich is still away, this time filming a wedding in Malta, will he ever come back to the podcast? :( come back Rich, we miss you! Anyway, i give my full run down on the Zhiyun Crane gimbal and how it compares to the DJI Ronin M. I also talk to Dave Powell, a wedding photographer, based in Wales where he is...

Aug 18, 2016

It looks like we have the specs of the new Canon 5D mark 4, and as we predicted if the leaked specs are anything to go by we might all be a little bit disappointed, especially when it comes down to the 4k image and frame rates. But only time will tell i guess. I also have the Zhiyun Crane in for review and aside a few...

Aug 2, 2016

We had the pleasure of speaking to Ollie Kenchington of Korro Ltd about grading. With my recent struggles to get consistency across all of the LOG profiles i use, i wanted to get some top notch advice on colouring. So i thought of Ollie.

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