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Jun 3, 2024

In this episode, Ben and Rich explore whether traditional videography could be overshadowed by the rise of content creators. As platforms like YouTube and TikTok democratize content production, versatile creators are reshaping the digital landscape. Ben and Rich discuss the potential threats to traditional videography,...

May 22, 2024

This week we’ve been filming EVs in Essex, Weddings in Salisbury, high rope climbing in Wales and lackluster 4x4s somewhere in the Cotswolds.

Come with us to see how we got...

May 14, 2024

Nope you've not woken up in 2017, it really is 2024... So can it be? Is this really a new episode? 

Best you head over to Spotify and check it out for real!  

May 12, 2023

We're joined by special guest Andrew Davies to talk networking.

Is it necessary? Can you just go it alone? We discuss both the pros and cons of networking and socialising with peers and clients.

We also have a chat about our go to lenses, what we love about them as well as what niggles us!

Apr 21, 2023

Can you change your filming style overnight?

We all want to do something fresh and exciting, it's one of the things drives us to become better filmmakers. But can you just 'level up' overnight? What will your future clients think? Did they book you for your new or old 'style'?

Plus we get technical and talk back up...