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Apr 12, 2016

Well this was a humdinger of an episode. Ben's mic didn't record and then Rich's computer crashed. But we only learnt about these things 45 minutes after we hit record. Grrrr! Oh well! Apologies! 


So onto our weeks episode, Rich had a run in with a terrible human being at a wedding - no not a photographer! We answer listener questions about grading, best cinematic cameras for weddings, music in video production, getting started in wedding videography and advertising on Facebook and Instagram. A lot was spoken about whilst it sounds like Ben was on the toilet!


Check out Soundstripe for all your video production music needs, i have used them three times in the past two weeks and the clients are more than happy with the choices i made. The track chosen for this episode is called Wallflower, hear the rest of her work here:

Thank you for listening.


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