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Dec 16, 2015

In this weeks episode Ben talks about how to win a quote for a new client plus, how to prepare for a time-lapse only promotional video. He also speaks about how to interpret the clients requirements and how to win that contract. He also talks about the wedding experience he has had over the past week. Rich we miss...

Nov 30, 2015

Thank you for listening.


We have been off for a week and we have been doing a bit of business things, so I have been utterly depressed doing this so wasn't inclined to do a podcast much but instead we have been editing, filming a wedding and sort that stuff out.

Rich has been filming a post rock concert in Leamington...

Nov 12, 2015

This is one of those catchup episodes, with Rich being away at the end of last week filming a music video we talk about his experiences filming in Iceland and how he got on with the Sony FS7, Ronin-M, a7s and the Atomos Shogun. We also chat about the Ben's decision to purchase a new camera, is it Sony, is it Panasonic,...

Nov 5, 2015

On this extra podcast for you all, we talk to the co-CEO of MediaZilla about what their company is offering and how we can get rid of the the almost 20 year old DVD from our workflow. Very interesting chat with Michael as he talks about their roots and where the company is going.



Nov 2, 2015

On this week Rich and I chat about the difference being a freelancer and a video producer is. Sounds relatively straight forward, right? Well i can guarantee the client doesn’t know the difference. What happens when you are brought onto being a freelancer then get asked to produce, or the other way around. We address...