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Apr 28, 2016

So NAB2016 is over and we sent our roving reporter to Dave Dugdale of to give us his thoughts on the event and what he found interesting and what he thought was a big miss. We also have a few listener questions for Dave too. 

The track this week called Rising Sea by artist Be Still the Earth get it...

Apr 19, 2016

So NAB2016 is happening at this very moment (well as we were recording it was) we briefly chat about some of the newly announced gear, but will wait until next week to get a full low down from people on the show floor. We also talk to Ben Walton as he has recently bee featured on Vimeo for his trip to British Columbia,...

Apr 12, 2016

Well this was a humdinger of an episode. Ben's mic didn't record and then Rich's computer crashed. But we only learnt about these things 45 minutes after we hit record. Grrrr! Oh well! Apologies! 


So onto our weeks episode, Rich had a run in with a terrible human being at a wedding - no not a photographer! We...